J&K Beef Ban!
    Jammu and Kashmir on Wednesday joined a long list of states that have outlawed the sale of beef. The ban was imposed by the J&Kashmir High court in response to a PILagainst cow slaughter. The court reportedly observed that the Divisional Commissioner of Kashmir hadn't filed an appropriate response regarding the smuggling and slaughtering of bovine animals and the sale of the meat.
  • Pak Defense Day Pak Defense Day Pakistan commemorates the golden jubilee of 1965 war with India on Sunday with nationwide ceremonies, while border tension with the neighbour is currently running high.Dispelling "the victory myth", historian and political economist Akbar S Zaidi said there cannot be a bigger lie as Pakistan had lost terribly, Dawn reported on Saturday. Zaidi said people are unaware of this fact because the history taught in Pakistan is from an ideological viewpoint.
  • Happy Teachers' Day Happy Teachers' Day In a first of its kind interaction after Narendra Modi took over as Prime Minister, the top brass of the RSS and its affiliates, the government and the BJP came together to deliberate on various national issues.
  • Apple now supports Windows Apple now supports Windows Apple Mac can support Windows.... even really old windows...
  • Sunny Leone Condom ad controversy Sunny Leone Condom ad controversy CPI leader Atul Anjan on Thursday said that "Sunny Leone`s condom advertisements are vulgar and he would continue to oppose them". The CPI leader added that he is not anti-condom, but the language used in the advertisement is not right.
    Atul Anjan, however, apologized to the supporters of Sunny Leone for his controversial remark. "I apologize but I don`t stand for such ads," Anjan said.
  • Pak Warns India! Pak Warns India! Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has warned India not to mistake Pakistan`s silence on the neighbouring country`s ceasefire violations as a sign of weakness.