The emotions of a computer lover!
    How much do you love your system? Find out your emotional involvement with it.
  • Changing technology! Changing technology! Its right when they say that you could have got a better man in your life a better computer if you had waited for a one more week....
  • The crashes of different times! The crashes of different times! Crashes : May it be of 1929 Stock market or Windows 95 , always make the family relations warmer and sympathetic...
  • Things made easy ! Things made easy ! Thank god! Netiquettes are not all that crap ...We can still use it
  • The little fights ! The little fights ! It`s over between these two lovers. But how really do they converse, find it out.
  • Looking for Venture Capital ! Looking for Venture Capital ! Only an angel investor could invest in this venture. We mean only the real Angel.