Trace the dog !
    A dalmatian is lost in this picture. Please locate it for its owner.
  • How old is she? How old is she? Can you guess if she is a young or an old lady.
  • All-guys-are-the-same-size ! All-guys-are-the-same-size ! The picture has been cleverly designed. All the soldiers are the same size.
  • The emotions of a computer lover! The emotions of a computer lover! How much do you love your system? Find out your emotional involvement with it.
  • Upgradation ! Upgradation ! A real favour by the wife of a computer freak> Would this help the sytem in running faster? Find it out.
  • Changing technology! Changing technology! Its right when they say that you could have got a better man in your life a better computer if you had waited for a one more week....