Spicy game!
    It is the latest board game. Not patented though, it is available only to adults.
  • Wind chime! Wind chime! The perfect windchime! So , who says the empty cans don`t have any other use?
  • Advantage - Hingis! Advantage - Hingis! Is she giggling bcoz of the precarious psotion of the racquet? Or did someone tell her the joke from santabanta.com
  • Quit smoking? Quit smoking? Never quit smoking. You might loose on so many good things of life?
  • Olympic flame! Olympic flame! The friendly citizens of Australia are welcoming the Olympic flame. Wanna join them whole-heartedly?
  • The male brain! The male brain! You saw the female brain. Now see the male brain. Isn`t it different? Looks like, isn`t it?