Join the Navy....and ride the waves.....
    Why are the navy men happy serving the country? Because even they are being served by their countrymen(women).
  • Gymnast`s tricks! Gymnast`s tricks! This is one of the trick to interest the spectators. does it make you interested?
  • Little Johnny! Little Johnny! Did you know, Little Jhonny peeps into his dads bathroom...
  • Hot meal! Hot meal! But not for this little birdie. She would not eat it at any cost. If it does, what really would it grow up and do? eat all its life? Never, the mother says!
  • Tanproof legs! Tanproof legs! How can the legs of this lady get tanned? She would probably have to remove the silicom implants first.
  • Mr. Right! Mr. Right! Where is Mr. Right? Probably outside a pharmacy, eating Viagra(s).