Vanity or skull?
    Woman in vanity- or skull?
    Hint: move farther a bit from the screen and blink to see the skull or the woman(looking at the mirror)
  • Young or old? Young or old? This is probably the most famous illusion of all time. Almost evryone has seen it. What do you see at your first glance at this illusion? Do you see an old lady or do you see a young woman? they are both there.
  • Square or rectangles ? Square or rectangles ? Do you see some squares or rectangles? This is really nothing more than a bunch of lines going in every direction, but the way our mind interprets these lines is totally different.
  • Rotating or Not ? Rotating or Not ? Is this rotationg or not? It is really not known.
  • Flowing water ? Flowing water ? Does this water raeches anywhere? Or it keeps moving? Is it really possible?
  • Inside out! Inside out! Is there something strange about this building?
    Hint: Look at the pillars in the middle floor.