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    This roots of this hilarious message are being traced to honour its creator. If you have any knowledge about this person, contact us.
  • Automatic crash! Automatic crash! Windows is not designed to run continuosly for long. If it keeps running, who would buy the recovery disc.
  • Trim down! Trim down! Trim down and don`t use FAT 32 and insist on FAT 16. This might cause cholestrol problem to your computer.
  • Go to hell ! Go to hell ! Every message has a ready reply by the MS staff. They know what is coming after they designed the stupid software.
  • Play some more! Play some more! Windows is not for the people who work, it is a playing machine.
  • Microsoft allianace with Pentium! Microsoft allianace with Pentium! This is what is happening after the secret alliance of MS with Pentium.