Another key!
    The computer users have real ideas.How many keys would we ultimately have on teh keyboard.
  • Hot menu! Hot menu! The dsihes on this menu are too hot. Don`t order any of these, just joking. Have all of them, you would be in ecstasy after having them.
  • Can` t cook! Can` t cook! Who would like to get the cooking done from me. The guy can take me out for dining everyday. And in turn, I can satisfy his other needs.
  • Don`t scroll down! Don`t scroll down! You ought to listen to us, It is no use opening it. Really, you might repent if you don`t listen to us.
  • Notice in a Golf Club! Notice in a Golf Club! Some notices get a different meaning due to its improper wording. You better watch your balls if you visit this Club and you have the tendency of picking the balls.
  • Got Beer ? Got Beer ? Who doesn`t love beer. Even this little kid wants it. How do you think they puke so often>