The pilot is dead!
    Now who is going to fly in these circumstances. Find out, ther are so many of them qualified for the job.
  • Why does one need to marry? Why does one need to marry? There are many reasons in favour of marriage. The most important reason for it is detailed in this visual.
  • Love thyself ! Love thyself ! If you are in love, love thyself. You would be eternally happy.
  • Wanna ride! Wanna ride! So you want a ride. No ways, say please first. This is a new generation aircraft.
  • Fisherman`s bait! Fisherman`s bait! So who`s fishing here. The baits are different for every catch as you would see in this cartoon here.
  • Times of crisis! Times of crisis! Bad times have fallen on this beggar. So he is studying the financial markets to know about his future.