Taliban`s McDonald !
    McDonald at last successfully found its co-existance with Taliban...
  • Viagra dispenser! Viagra dispenser! This invention has been made by the distraught wife. But would it really help?
  • Effective Vasectomy !!!! Effective Vasectomy !!!! Surprise, surprise, surprise or shock!!!
  • The traits of a good secretary! The traits of a good secretary! You have to be really qualified to get the job of a secretary. It is no mean job. You can become a CEO of a company but to be a secretary, you ought to possess these traits.
  • Rocketing !! Rocketing !! This is surely the job of a frustrated female or some big time gay. You never know but you really need some energy to move it.
  • Aquatic delight! Aquatic delight! This swimmer would find out when he touches the water that water can be fun in more ways than one.