Bill Gates's Loo
    Wanna see what does Bill Gates's toilet look like?
  • Fairer Sex rules Fairer Sex rules Ekta kapoor decided to make a series on wild life. Check out a shot from it's first episode...
  • Swallow or Spit? Swallow or Spit? Winners never quit because quitters never win...
  • Musharraf in Loo Musharraf in Loo This is what happened when Musharraf visited cafeteria in White house. His face has been changed for the security reasons.
  • Crash Hell-met Crash Hell-met Don't wanna wear a helmet?
    Marzi hai aapki, kyunki sar hai aap ka.
  • Santa's job hunt Santa's job hunt At last, Banta's recruitment agency found the most suitable job for Santa...