Urinals in pubs and hotels across New Zealand are the latest battleground in the war on drink-driving. Signs in the urinals are heat-activated and will display a message when hit by warm liquid.
  • Killer Calculator Killer Calculator That's the calculator terrorists use in Iraq before they execute any American. Hmmm... Scared Mr Bush?
  • Changed Loyalties Changed Loyalties Rahul Gandhi lashed out at Jaya Bachchan for stating that the Congress and the Gandhi family betrayed Bachchans.
  • New Chief New Chief Lalu Prasad Yadav slams 'nudity' in Hindi films
  • Final Debate Final Debate As Election Day nears, President Bush and Sen. John Kerry looking for any edge in Debate
  • Sachin's Frustration Sachin's Frustration I am tired of waiting. It's 50:50 for me now and I honestly do not mind taking a chance at Chennai and playing the game.