Amritsar to LA
    Fashion stores in USA are ordering fat mannequins to replace skinny ones.
  • Shanghai Surprised! Shanghai Surprised! Mallika Sherawat floors Jackie Chan with her beauty.
  • Mr. Lajawab Mr. Lajawab Shah Rukh Khan to dub for the Indian version of Walt Disney Pictures’ animated Hollywood film 'The Incredibles'
  • Drink-Driving Drink-Driving Urinals in pubs and hotels across New Zealand are the latest battleground in the war on drink-driving. Signs in the urinals are heat-activated and will display a message when hit by warm liquid.
  • Sex Harassment Sex Harassment This lady is suing his naive Boss for Sexual discrimination... Do you agree with her argument?
  • Killer Calculator Killer Calculator That's the calculator terrorists use in Iraq before they execute any American. Hmmm... Scared Mr Bush?