Dirty Politics
    'Maid' pitted against Chief Minister Rabri Devi in the Bihar assembly elections.
  • Poor Mrs Santa! Poor Mrs Santa! Ever wondered, how come Santa Clause has no children. We know. Here's why...
  • J Lo Is No More! J Lo Is No More! Jennifer Lopez has named her upcoming album 'Call Me Jennifer' to help get rid of her stage name 'J.Lo.'
  • Ifs and Butts Ifs and Butts Singer Minnie Driver rejects an offer from music boss Tommy Mottola to become next J Lo.
  • Hall of Fame (Shame) Hall of Fame (Shame) In retrospective of 2004, we find these stars hogged much of the limelight and kept surprising the world. Britney with her marriage stunts, Janet with her pop-up scene, MJ for his pedophile profile, and our desi Mallika wasn't left behind doing a Monroe.
  • Holy Kabootars! Holy Kabootars! English test for Indian priests in Australia...