Shady Big B
    Amitabh Bachchan may have opted to sport Ray Ban worth Rs 2.7 lakh to give a real blind look to his character in the forthcoming Zamaanat; but Income Tax officials seem to have preferred not to turn a blind eye at the prized goggles.
  • Money Talks Money Talks This is how you spot a rich guy without his expensive suit, watch or car!
  • Da Vinci Code Da Vinci Code After Pakistan it's China that has ordered cinemas to stop showing The Da Vinci Code, weeks after it was released in the country
  • Mariah's Skin Mariah's Skin Pop superstar Mariah Carey says she has to put up with racist remarks when she travels because people forget that she is mixed race.
  • Clean Bowled Clean Bowled Tearaway fast bowler Brett Lee kicked off a fresh innings by tying the knot with girlfriend Liz Kemp
  • Kidman's Sex Ban Kidman's Sex Ban Nicole Kidman has reportedly told fiancé Keith Urban that there won’t be any action in the bedroom till the couple’s wedding night.