Penny Drops
    Charity is good but this is what happens when you over do it.
  • Topless Beach Topless Beach Albanian police were speechless when around 30 Scandinavian women went topless, shocking local bathers and causing an uproar in an Albanian beach resort
  • Indian Superman Indian Superman After the movie Krrish...Railway Minister Lalu Prasad will be studied at the premier Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, (IIMA) for his "street-smart attitude" and "corporate perspective"
  • Loo Literature Loo Literature The sultry siren Sushma Reddy is finicky about writing poetry in the loo.
  • Dark Thoughts Dark Thoughts IN HIS first appearance recently at the annual conference of the oldest civil rights body in the US, President George Bush admitted that racism is still a problem and that many blacks distrust the Republican Party
  • Faint Beauty Faint Beauty The newly crowned Miss Universe, Zuleyka Rivera, collapsed on stage reportedly due to tight and heavy dress