Women's Day
    International Women's Day (IWD) is marked on 8 March every year.
  • SMS Divorce SMS Divorce Muslim authorities in Dubai, acknowledging the synergy of technology and tradition, on Thursday confirmed that a Muslim divorce can be carried out via a mobile phone text message or SMS
  • Have a Heart Have a Heart Viagra effectively keeps heart attack at bay: research by Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Happy Holi Happy Holi Happy Holi to all the viewers from SantaBanta.Com
  • Koffee Trouble Koffee Trouble An off the cuff, jokey remark by Hrithik about short height of Salman and Aamir Khan has raised some eyebrows
  • In the Budget In the Budget In the Budget 2007 stock markets crashed, the individual taxpayer remained unhappy and the corporate sector felt left out.