Return of Investment
    The global recession has put a big question mark over the reliability of banks. The same people who were so much concerned about the return on investment, now wants a safe return of their investment!
  • Dhoni Temple Dhoni Temple Someone really thinks cricket is a religion and cricketers are Gods! There is a news of temple being built for MS Dhoni!

    On the positive side we really need a religion which doesn't divide people. Cricket could be the answer!
  • Aamir's New Year Resolution Aamir's New Year Resolution See what Aamir Khan doesn't want to forget
  • Ghajini-Mania Ghajini-Mania The Ghajini-mania is spreading like wild fire with Aamir's haircut in the movie being copied by each and everyone. Will the craze spare Santa?
  • Body-Double-Shop Body-Double-Shop After Aamir sculpted his body for Ghajini, now Abhishek Bachchan is planning to shed 15 kilos for Mani Ratnam's next movie. Wish Bollywood had a body-double-shop where any star can go and shop for his desired body double!
  • Xmas Exchange Offer! Xmas Exchange Offer! India is furious with Antulay for doubting the death of Hemant Karkare as a terrorist act, while Pakistan is unhappy with Nawaz Sharif for declaring that the arrested terrorist Kasab is a Pakistani.