Politics of Humour
    When it comes to fooling people... no one can beat the politicians.
  • Batman Returns Batman Returns The dark Knight is dumbfounded to see the Chhota Batboy'...is it the joker`s prank?
  • Gone Banana Gone Banana Don't try this at home... Santa and Banta are professional pranksters
  • Big B Meets Savita Bhabhi Big B Meets Savita Bhabhi Amitabh Bachchan's character in Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna appeared in Indian porn comics; Savita Bhabhi shocking both Big B and Karan Johar!
  • Govinda Jaa La Re Govinda Jaa La Re Govinda...Going, Going, Gone.
    Govinda finds himself without a ticket this elections.
  • Sanju`s Kitchen Politics Sanju`s Kitchen Politics Sanjay Dutt has been repeating that Manyataji's decisions are restricted to the kitchen, while there are reports that journalists have to take Mrs. Dutt's permission to get Munnabhai's interview!