Stranger than Fiction
    Banta teases Santa with his uncanny and indecent April fool prank
  • The Mean Machine The Mean Machine The computer fools Garfield the cat who is too desperate to catch a mouse
  • Batman Returns Batman Returns The dark Knight is dumbfounded to see the Chhota Batboy'...is it the joker`s prank?
  • Gone Banana Gone Banana Don't try this at home... Santa and Banta are professional pranksters
  • Big B Meets Savita Bhabhi Big B Meets Savita Bhabhi Amitabh Bachchan's character in Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna appeared in Indian porn comics; Savita Bhabhi shocking both Big B and Karan Johar!
  • Govinda Jaa La Re Govinda Jaa La Re Govinda...Going, Going, Gone.
    Govinda finds himself without a ticket this elections.