Santa caught unzipping!
    Santa teaching Loo etiquettes...
  • Want to kiss Rakhi Sawant? Want to kiss Rakhi Sawant? Rakhi Sawant is on kissing spree! A new computer game lets the netizens kiss Rakhi Sawant in the virtual world!
  • Duniya Gol Hai! Duniya Gol Hai! Like Earth, Funta's problems have no end.
  • Sex with clothes on! Sex with clothes on! Irffan Khan, during the shooting of an intimate scene with Divya Dutta for the movie 'Hiss' told the director that Indians normally have sex with their clothes on!
  • Gay Fight Gay Fight Banta comes out of the closet.
  • The most eligible singles! The most eligible singles! Katrina Kaif and John Abraham has been voted as the most eligible celebrity singles. Where does that leave Salman Khan, yet another 'guest appearance' in a love story?