Shaadi Ke Baad
    Revealed: Banta's fantasy for married women...
  • Funta's SOS Funta's SOS What goes around comes around, Funta learns it the hard way.
  • Bollywood Recession Bollywood Recession Recession hits Bollywood as Big budget movies find no buyers even though stars have started reducing their fees!
  • Sania's Mystery Lover! Sania's Mystery Lover! Sania Mirza had a mystery 'lover' at her doorstep, when an engineer from Bangalore claimed that he loves her and she can't marry anyone else!
  • Santa caught unzipping! Santa caught unzipping! Santa teaching Loo etiquettes...
  • Abhiash love birds! Abhiash love birds! The celebrity 'love birds', Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai were requested by PETA to save endangered feathered love birds!