Side-effects of Powerpills
    Power is often misused when it falls in wrong hands. Santa's broken bones prove this
  • One for the road ! One for the road ! Every dog has its day... Banta proves it by making a monkey out of Santa
  • Prachi`s Bathtub Scene Prachi`s Bathtub Scene The shy tv girl Prachi Desai tried every trick in her books to avoid the bath tub scene with Tusshar Kapoor for the movie 'Life partner'!
  • Santa's Rakhi Gift Santa's Rakhi Gift Santa celebrates Rakhshabandhan
  • Ogling Men! Ogling Men! According to a study, men spend around one year of their life, ogling at women!
  • Athelete Turns Sexworker Athelete Turns Sexworker In a shocking incident, a national level female athlete from Assam had to sleep with men to survive and feed her child.
    Inspite of Govt's assurance to take care of the sports, the sports authorities continue raping our sports!