चोर मचाये शोर
    हाथ आये चोर को पकड़कर छोड़ने वाले को...संता कहते हैं !
  • Porn for the Blind Porn for the Blind A new porn magazine has been launched catering only to blind men!
  • पोल खुल गयी पोल खुल गयी Stolen fruits are always sweeter
  • Bebo-Kat want National award Bebo-Kat want National award After Priyanka Chopra's national award for Fashion, other leading bollywood babes Kareena and Katrina are trying to get national award too by working with Bhandarkar and Prakash Jha!
  • Preity's Divine Solution Preity's Divine Solution Preity Zinta washed off her sins in Ganga and performed yagna in Haridwar, which many feel, is responsible for Kings XI Punjab's successive wins!
  • Freida and Ash's Bond Freida and Ash's Bond Freida Pinto says she's too young to play Bond girl, while speculation is that Aishwarya Rai could be the next Bond girl!