Extramarital Sex Fuels Earthquakes!
    An Iranian cleric declared that extra marital sex in the society leads to earthquakes!
  • No Honeymoon for Sania-Shoaib! No Honeymoon for Sania-Shoaib! Sania-Shoaib, though married may not be able to go for honeymoon yet, as Shoaib's passport hasn't been returned!
  • Mobiles beat loos in India Mobiles beat loos in India UN study says India has more mobile phones than toilets, highlighting the poor sanitation condition!
  • चोर मचाये शोर चोर मचाये शोर हाथ आये चोर को पकड़कर छोड़ने वाले को...संता कहते हैं !
  • Is SRK quitting KKR? Is SRK quitting KKR? Shah Rukh Khan has been tweeting his sadness about KKR's failure hinting that he may cut his ties with the team!
  • Porn for the Blind Porn for the Blind A new porn magazine has been launched catering only to blind men!