Swami's Sex Pact
    Investigations into arrested Swamy Nithyananda's sex scandal reveals that he made women devotees sign a contract for tantric sexual ecstasy!
  • Thinking Aloud Thinking Aloud सोचने पर कोई पाबन्दी नहीं, कोई खर्चा नहीं, कोई टैक्स नहीं...जो चाहे सोचो ...
  • Extramarital Sex Fuels Earthquakes! Extramarital Sex Fuels Earthquakes! An Iranian cleric declared that extra marital sex in the society leads to earthquakes!
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  • No Honeymoon for Sania-Shoaib! No Honeymoon for Sania-Shoaib! Sania-Shoaib, though married may not be able to go for honeymoon yet, as Shoaib's passport hasn't been returned!
  • Mobiles beat loos in India Mobiles beat loos in India UN study says India has more mobile phones than toilets, highlighting the poor sanitation condition!