• Delhi Ka Manjhi

    Delhi Ka Manjhi
    Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his Bihar counterpart Nitish Kumr on Thursday jointly attacked the Centre calling it "anti-poor and anti-farmer" and asserted that the people will give it a "befitting reply".
  • Funny Logic!

    Funny Logic!
    Can`t argue with that logic...
  • Cost Cutting

    Cost Cutting
    This is what happens when Organisations decide to cut cost by cutting manpower.
  • Here comes another...

    Here comes another...
    The man who so far had no recognition in Gujarat, had emerged to be the headline of every news channel since last two months. Hardik Patel, this man, seems to be tracing the footsteps of drama-king Arvind Kejriwal, who too with his turbulent politics came in limelight. Meagre 22-year-old Hardik with his tumultuous protests throughout Gujarat had harbingered the rise of another Kejriwal.