• Parivartan Rally

    Parivartan Rally
    I had promised 50,000 crores in Bihar package when I came here during election campaign. But I will do more: PM Modi
  • Beer Lover

    Beer Lover
    I won`t be impressed with Technology until I can download Beer
  • Two Schools

    Two Schools
    A day after he was told off sharply by his boss, Sonia Gandhi, Congressman Shashi Tharoor was publicly praised by the Prime Minister. Complimenting him for a speech at Oxford, which has gone viral, the PM said "Shashi-ji is an orator who says the right thing at the right place... sometimes, such things become a turning point."
  • Holey Shit!!!

    Holey Shit!!!
    The `Shit Expert` mode you don`t want to mess with...