• Coalgate Scam!

    Coalgate Scam!
    After CBI filled another FIR against industrialist Kumar Mangalam Birla and Former Coal Secretary PC Parekh in the infamous Coal Allocation Scam, Parekh said that if he is one of the accused, then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should be the first accused in the case.
  • Security Bill

    Security Bill
    The UPA government and the Congress leadership might be patting themselves on the back talking big about the recently passed Food Security Bill, but their promises look far from delivery given the existing state of PDS. The UPA government`s grand proclamations stand busted that it would deliver on the food security that would cost the exchequer a whopping Rs.1.25 lakh crore a year to satisfy the hunger of India`s poor as the new scheme might also just go down the drain.
  • The Simplest Solution

    The Simplest Solution
    Had Pythagoras been alive today, probably he would have repented wasting those precious years in deriving his theorem.
  • Evolution!

    Be it human beings or technology "Evolution" seldom discriminates.