• Sachin Vs Dhayanchand

    Sachin Vs Dhayanchand
    Barely a few hours after Sachin Tendulkar`s 24-year cricket career ended, the UPA government announced Bharat Ratna for Sachin. While there is no denying that Sachin is deserving of the award, his being the first sportsperson to receive it has raised eyebrows. Many say Dhyan Chand, India`s hockey legend, would have been a more appropriate choice.
  • The Flying Bat

    The Flying Bat
    The hockey wizard retired in 1948. It`s impossible to compare generations or different sports. All of 5 feet 7 inches, Dhyan Chand won India three Olympic golds. But statistics count for nothing when one considers his influence on the game that he picked up only after joining the Army at 16. Had the wizard played cricket, his aura would have been no less than Sir Don`s.
  • Rahul In, Sachin Out...

    Rahul In, Sachin Out...
    Sachin Tendulkar OUT. Social Media Blame it on Rahul Gandhi.
  • Sachiiiin, Sachiiin...

    Sachiiiin, Sachiiin...
    At 9.30am today, India will come to a halt as Sachin resumes what could be his last Test innings 62 runs short of the ultimate century