• Perfect square?

    Perfect square?
    Do the sides of the square appear to be bent in? Wait, now that is impossible! Believe it or not, they are as straight as they come. If you do not believe us, take astraight edge and see for yourself.
  • How many?

    How many?
    How many figures are there in this picture? You won`t believe. Surely, more than two. It has a dog, too.Find them.
  • Square or rectangles ?

    Square or rectangles ?
    Do you see some squares or rectangles? This is really nothing more than a bunch of lines going in every direction, but the way our mind interprets these lines is totally different.
  • Who`s on top ?

    Who`s on top ?
    It is not really known that who is on top but this visual of simply high quality and it is really on the top.