• Anna's Choice!

    Anna's Choice!
    The 74-year-old activist said he supported Ms. Banerjee, but ruled out backing her party in the Lok Sabha elections. "Her character, her sacrifice, her ideology, I supported but not the party," Mr. Hazare said.
  • Sushil Shinde's Threat to Media!

    Sushil Shinde's Threat to Media!
    So, Sushil ji has threatened that he will "crush digital media" if they keep provoking his party by their antics. Then , made a U-turn on his statement. Well, as always, in case of Sushilji, it`s not simply a "slip of tongue", but "slip of sanity" !!
  • Politics over Dadri incident

    Politics over Dadri incident
    Four days after Bishada village on Delhi`s outskirts in Uttar Pradesh was rocked by the brutal killing of Mohammed Iqlakh, it witnessed an unending parade of politicians, who sympathised with the victim`s family and sought to cool frayed tempers as communal tension smouldered.
  • Welcome 2014

    Welcome 2014
    Welcoming 2014 in style