• Dropping Ordinance

    Dropping Ordinance
    The government has decided to withdraw a controversial ordinance that protects convicted parliamentarians and triggered a furious critique from Rahul Gandhi last week, who described the policy as "nonsense."
  • No more Fodder Scams

    No more Fodder Scams
    A longtime political heavyweight from northern India, Lalu Prasad, was found guilty Monday of participating in a scheme that siphoned off public money for more than a decade, ending a trial that was seen as a watershed in India`s struggle with corruption......
  • Dehati Aurat!!!

    Dehati Aurat!!!
    A major controversy erupted on Sunday over Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif purportedly calling his Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh a `Dehati aurat`
  • Asaram's political party

    Asaram's political party
    Self-styled godman Asaram Bapu`s son Narayan Sai today declared that he would soon launch a new political party named Ojaswi.