• One tough act !

    One tough act !
    Government has given full backing to border forces to go on the offensive in the event of unprovoked firing from Pakistan along the Indo-Pak border. The result is that border forces have pulled out all stops and gone for targeted and precision firing which has led to far more casualties on Pakistan side in just 10 days of firing this year than was witnessed in 30 days of skirmishes last year in August.
  • Pak Continues Shelling

    Pak Continues Shelling
    The death toll in India rose to 12 and civilians fled the areas straddling the Line of Control (LoC) in the Kashmir valley and international border in the Jammu region in large numbers as Indian and Pakistani troops continued to exchange fire and engage in their most serious confrontation in over a decade.
  • Guess Who?

    Guess Who?
    On a day when the Union Cabinet paved the way for fresh polls in the national capital after eight months of political uncertainty, the Delhi BJP announced on Tuesday that it would contest the polls without a chief ministerial candidate. Buoyed by its recent poll victories in Maharashtra and Haryana, the BJP plans to continue to seek votes in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's name
  • Communal politics over Bhatkal's arrest!

    Communal politics over Bhatkal's arrest!
    Even before the investigations began, politicians are busy painting communal color to the arrest of Yasin Bhatkal.