• The Mob Fury

    The Mob Fury
    Karnataka Home Minister G Parmeshwara on Thursday said that a Tanzanian woman student - who alleged that she was attacked and her car was burnt by a mob - was not stripped and paraded naked in Bengaluru.
  • Bas Kar Award!

    Bas Kar Award!
    12 Years a Slave wins best picture Oscar..Here is presenting the `Bas` Kar ! award to our own `10 years a Slave`.
  • Modern yug Ravana...

    Modern yug Ravana...
    As in Treata Yug,Ravana lost his evil empire over mistreating a woman,same way in the todays time ASARAM too fell way in category.One can call him as Modern yug `RAVANA`...
  • Aa-Sharam!

    A fresh case of sexual assault has been registered against spiritual leader Asaram Bapu, who is in jail on similar charges. The complaint lodged by two sisters in Surat also names Asaram`s son Narayan Sai.