• Super Birth!!!

    Super Birth!!!
    This is not a Rajinikanth joke: Rajinikanth made his grand entry into the social media world on Monday, but even before the first tweet was published at 4pm, there were more than 20,000 followers.
  • Blooming Lotus at Bengal!

    Blooming Lotus at Bengal!
    "Didi will have to run away from Bengal. Bring me to power in Delhi. Let there be competition between me and Didi. Let`s see who the real tiger is," Mr Modi said at a rally in Bankura, nearly 180 kilometres from Kolkata.
  • Yuva Josh !

    Yuva Josh !
    Congress general secratary Digvijay Singh on Wednesday admitted to having a relationship with married Rajya Sabha television anchor Amrita Rai.
  • New Release: Diggy Clips

    New Release: Diggy Clips
    Digvijay Singh`s Extra Marital clips leaked and goes viral on internet