• End of the Road !

    End of the Road !
    Now seven decades after the first Ambassador rolled out,Hindustan Motors has put the brakes on its Uttarpara, West Bengal factory. "The company`s best efforts to revive the unit have failed. Given the circumstances, it has no alternative but to declare suspension of work at the plant with effect from May 24, 2014," a spokesperson from the CK Birla Group company said in a statement on Saturday.
  • Rail Budget!

    Rail Budget!
    The government unveiled a reformist railway budget on Thursday focused on modernisation of the colonial-era network and massive investment aimed at making the railways more passenger-friendly without increasing fares. "I have not increased passenger fares. We are directing our efforts to make travel on Indian Railways a happy experience with a mix of various initiatives," said Prabhu, a CA-turned-politician who was handpicked by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to head the railways.
  • Kumar's Achche Din

    Kumar's Achche Din
    Aam Aadmi party is still struggling to get its house in order, with sharp policy differences between the clutch of leaders, but not so founding member Kumar Vishwas who is facing `acche din` even if his party is not.
  • Game Spoiler!

    Game Spoiler!
    A survey by India TV-CVoter and a combined calculation, by CVoter, of all opinion polls conducted in the last six months indicate the Capital is headed for a hung assembly.The parties are still playing it cool. Both the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the BJP came out with last-minute internal surveys on Sunday projecting itself as the winner. As for the ruling Congress, all the surveys seem to be predicting the end of a record 15-year run.