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Morgen Maulden

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
The craziest thing I have ever done is dress up like a rocker at an Avril Lavigne concert. Two of my friends and I got tickets to the concert, which was my first ever. My friend suggested that we all dress like Avril. I had never gone to a concert so I did not know better. We got dressed in baggy, camouflage pants and rock style t-shirts and headed for New Orleans. When we arrived in our "rock star" outfits we looked like fools. Instead of bowing our heads and getting embarrassed, we jumped around and acted like rockers and told people we were back-up dancers.

Please list any Honors/Awards you have received in the past 2 years.
Dean's List
Who's Who Among High School Students
Grand National Cheerleading Champions
Eagle U Certificate of Completion
Special Award at Eagle U for volunteering
Tops Scholarship for college
Cinderella Scholarship for college
Miss Louisiana Teen USA

List any other Achievements/Accomplishments
Scholarship to college based on academics in high school
"The More You Know" commercial
Dance competition awards

What are your strongest talents?
My strongest talents are writing, dancing, cheering, and being a good friend and listener, as well as my southern hospitality -- making everyone around me feel comfortable and welcome.

Name one person, family, friend, celebrity, who has had the most influence on your life.
My mom, Ginger Maulden. My mom is the person who has molded me into the young adult I am now. She has taught me about morals, faith, right from wrong, how to overcome the hardships in life, and, most importantly, how to love. My mom has always shown me unconditional love, and for that I hope that one day I can show my mom the same amount of love that she has shown me all of my life.

Describe how you envision yourself in five years?
In five years I will have graduated from Louisiana State University or another prestigious university. I will have my degree in advertising or journalism with a minor in fashion. I will have already had at least three internships in my field. I will have a high-paying job with benefits. I will also be on my way to finding the man of my dreams.

What else do you want the judges to know about you?
I guess now would be a really good time to mention that I am... scared of the dark!! Okay, there. I said it. Yes, I am a wimp who fears the monsters under my bed!!!!!


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