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Suada Sherifaj

Age: 17

Occupation: Student

Height: 184

Suada was born and brought up in Vlora, a coastal city surrounded by high mountains; it is considered a commercial bridge between east and west. Currently in the general high school she would like to go on to study international relations, her ambition is to be a diplomat. Suada is a professional basketball player; her proudest moment was when the team, she was playing in, were proclaimed national champions. Hobbies include: reading, acting, travelling and listening to both classical and romantic music. Sporting interests including basketball, swimming & tennis. Motto would be dont ask what the country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Punctual, grateful and tolerant.

Do you have a special or unusual talent? (what is it?)
Im a talented basketball player

Where would you most like to visit in the world and why?
China is my favourite country mainly because of its ancient extraordinary tradition, excellent food and wonder making medicine/acupuncture.

What is the best thing about your country?
The high mountains and the virgin seacoasts, the famous albanian hospitality and loyalty.

If you were granted one wish, what would it be?
To achieve the peak of success in my future career.

If you were stuck on a desert island with one other person (famous or not) whom would you choose?
Id prefer dan brown to know more and more about the famous da vinci, his philosophy and argue on browns views on christianity.

What is your message to all the other miss world contestants?
Being ambassadors of your own countries, do your best in raising your voice and launch local campaigns in order to bring an end to wars, which are injustly taking innocent lives.

Youre judging the final five contestants, which question would you ask the finalists?
What is your strong point?
If you could, what would you change in this world?


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