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Sarah-Jane Dias

Age: 24
Occupation: Media Professional
Height: 175

Sarah-Jane was born in Mumbai, India, was brought up in Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman, (her father was in the oil business). Moving back to Mumbai in 2001 Sarah-Jane studied sociology at the University of Mumbai and is now a media professional.

She looks forward to a career where her acting and singing talents will be advantageous. She is a former V.J. with an Indian TV Channel, where her job combines her passion of music and travel.

Hobbies and sporting interests are: Reading, writing poetry, athletics, singing and freestyle, hip-hop, tap and jazz dance. Music is her life! She loves R’n’B, jazz, and the great Sinatra and Louis Armstrong.

She enjoys authentic Chinese cuisine and has a particular penchant for Peking Duck.

Her motto is “There is nothing that the human mind is incapable of achieving”.


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