Ranbir- Kat: Lovers' Tiff?

  • Ranbir- Kat: Lovers' Tiff?

    Ranbir- Kat: Lovers' Tiff?

    Undoubtedly Love story of Ranbir is one of the most talked about stories of Bollywood these days.

    And with the passage of time this ongoing love affair is giving gossip wheels ample fodder to roll at a swift pace.

  • Lover's quarrel

    Lover's quarrel

    Seems like Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif (who still won't admit they're dating each other,) had a bit of a disagreement while they were in New York.

  • Career and commitment

    Career and commitment

    We hear that while Katrina wants to focus on her career, she also wants commitment from beau Ranbir.

  • No marriage bells yet

    No marriage bells yet

    Ranbir, it is said, seems to be holding back from putting the ring on Kat's finger.

  • Hmmm...


    In Koffee with Karan's episode featuring Ranbir and Kareena Kapoor, Kareena openly called Katrina her 'bhabhi', Ranbir simply smiled and plain refused to 'admit' to anything.

  • Jagga Jasoos

    Jagga Jasoos

    The two stars (and lovers?) are slated to star together in Jagga Jasoos soon.

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