Cameron wants lots of lovers!

  • Cameron wants lots of lovers!

    Cameron wants lots of lovers!

    By one of her recent statements Western beauty Cameron has once again shocked her die hard fans spread all across the globe.

  •  The more the merrier

    The more the merrier

    Cameron Diaz says having 'lots of lovers' is better than trying to stick with one man.

  • Married for life?

    Married for life?

    The star of The Other Woman, a film about fidelity, claimed it was almost impossible for couples to stay married for life.

  • More partners!

    More partners!

    Is having lots of partners was better? the star replied: 'Why not? Why would that be so bad?'

  • Not common to all

    Not common to all

    Cameron, 41, said: There are different commonalities in each one of them !

  • Need for more!

    Need for more!

    'For some reason, we get into relationships and we expect one man to understand 'all' the parts of us.'

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