Boo Boos By Bolly Celebs !

  • Boo Boos By Bolly Celebs !

    Boo Boos By Bolly Celebs !

    Of course they rule our hearts and thoughts but they are human and will make some pretty serious gaffes too! Take a look at some of the Boo boos our favourite Bolly celebs have made!

  • Katrina Kaif

    Katrina Kaif

    'My personal life shouldn't matter.'
    We'll believe that when you stop milking the on-Salmaan, Off-Salmaan story to the hilt!

  • Esha Deol

    Esha Deol

    'I like to look at good-looking men.'
    Well, join the line!

  • Sherlyn Chopra

    Sherlyn Chopra

    'I am outrageous when I am topless.'
    Well, that's your USP, isn't it?

  • Amrita Rao

    Amrita Rao

    'I can look sexy.'
    And you need to announce it? Never heard of 'seeing is believing?'

  • Minissha Lamba

    Minissha Lamba

    'I would never be a Big Brother contestant. I am a very private person in real life and can't imagine the thought of being watched day-in and day-out by the whole wide world.'
    Well Minissha, if you can't do that then I wonder why you are an actress?

  • Kareena Kapoor

    Kareena Kapoor

    'I get bored of a bag in 20 days! I have over a hundred bags. I'm addicted!'
    Thank goodness you don't do the same with your boyfriends! So, its 'Saif' to be your boyfriend!

  • Kajol


    'There is no great big artistic bug in my butt.'
    Well, then where is it? In your eyebrows?

  • Vidya Balan

    Vidya Balan

    'If Shahid had asked me maybe I would've considered going out with him.'
    Oh no! Shahid missed the boat!

  • Emraan Hashmi

    Emraan Hashmi

    'People who don't appreciate my sensibilities can f*** off.'
    Can't say your sensibilities are breaking our heart!

  • Harman Baweja

    Harman Baweja

    'I hope Kareena is repenting not doing my film.'
    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! We can't stop laughing!

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