Small Inside Their Pants

  • Small Inside Their Pants

    Small Inside Their Pants

    They may have mammoth success in their profession and huge bank balances, but there's one important place where they are small. Some girlfriends spilt the beans on the celebs who's pee pees are wee!

  • Ashton Kutcher

    Ashton Kutcher

    Before Ashton Kutcher married Demi Moore, he was dating actress Brittany Murphy, who spilled the beans on the David Letterman show: I think the marriage between Demi Moore and Ashton is based on the fact that he's not bothered by his wife`s age, and it looks like the size doesn't matter to her.

  • Brad Pitt

    Brad Pitt

    His ex-girlfriend Juliette Lewis spilt the beans to some friends at a party, that Brad is not exactly a big fish.

  • Eminen


    Ex-wife Kim Mathers, gets really nasty when she says that Eminem`s big mouth doesn`t match his other assets. Kim also says that he couldn't hold it up without the blue pill.

  • Enrique Iglesias

    Enrique Iglesias

    Surprised? His father,Julio Iglesias was a legendary lover who shared his bed with more than 3000 women. Enrique confessed that his penis is so small he even has troubles buying condoms, because he can never find small enough to fit.

  • Howard Stern

    Howard Stern

    Howard Stern, the 'King of All Media' compares his penis to a raisin. He even proudly organized the competition for the world's smallest penis.

  • Johnny Knoxwille

    Johnny Knoxwille

    The star of the Jackass series and movies, where he shocks his viewers with extremes, also shocked with a statement about the size of his penis: according to him, it looks like a light switch or a small egg, hidden in the nest.

  • Jude Law

    Jude Law

    A photographer who caught Jude Law putting on his swimsuit on the French beach got proof that the actor had a secret under his belt. According to the rumors, Jude only has a modest 1.4 inch (3.5 cm)hidden in his pants.

  • Mick Jagger

    Mick Jagger

    The god of rock Mick Jagger has been trying hard to increase his size, even going to extremes like bee stings! His ex girlfriend, model Janice Dickinson, loves to comment on Mick`s modest assets.

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