Traveling Tips for Leh

  • Traveling Tips for Leh

    Traveling Tips for Leh

    Leh Ladhak better known as the 'Snow Desert' is known for its captivating beauty and scenic view but you cant just plan a trip to Leh on the spur of the moment it needs proper time and planning here are the few tips you need to keep in mind

  • Temperature alteration

    Temperature alteration

    Being the cold desert Temperature conditions are cold there, winters temperature can fall upto -30 to -60 degree

  • Clothing


    One needs to carry warm clothes always as even during a sunny summer day a t-shirt would do but if it rains the temperature can stoop really low

  • Communication


    Most of the telephone companies pre-paid connections do not work in the region, only the J&K postpaid mobile services are available so you can communicate through Paid phones at Rs 10 per min

  • Permit


    Certain areas in Leh region can not be traveled to without permit, which the travel agencies can get from the magistrate, also the foreign tourist need to get their names registered at different post for the record of them traveling through

  • Altitude sickness

    Altitude sickness

    This is a common phenomenon tourist face while traveling to Leh, which is due to the variation in the altitude of about 10,000ft above the sea level, People suffering from heart trouble may want to rethink about their trip to Leh

  • Inter-city travel

    Inter-city travel

    The government has assigned number to vehicles like cabs and tempo travelers to make it convenient for the tourist to travel to the tourist spots, the drivers are courteous and well aware of the tourist sites

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