Monsoons: Time to Holiday in India!

  • Monsoons: Time to Holiday in India!

    Monsoons: Time to Holiday in India!

    As the monsoon have arrived, all you nature lovers its the apt time for you to put on your traveling gear and explore.. the nature at its best, here are the places you don't wanna miss..

  • Goa


    Visit to Goa during Monsoon is mesmerizing, the mammoth ocean the luxuriant green palm trees adds to the serenity of Goa, also the hotel tariff also stoop to half during this time of the year.

  • Kerala (Alappuzha)

    Kerala (Alappuzha)

    If you are a great lover of getting soaked up in rain then this place is the ultimate destination for you, not only this with a ride in the snake boat you can enjoy the soothing scent of the soil and the greeny around.

  • Karnataka (Coorg)

    Karnataka (Coorg)

    Karnataka is the best getaway for the lovers, the lush green mountains, the chilly climate and the breathtaking sight of the valley will allure you to visit this destination again and again.

  • Leh Ladhakh

    Leh Ladhakh

    Monsoon is the best time to visit 'The cold desert' as the snow melts down the road becomes accessible and you may stand a chance to witness incredible sightseeing of dry planes and stark mountains flecked with vivid Buddhist monasteries.

  • Shillong


    The low lying clouds, the cool breeze, clean streets and the bracing waterfalls will lead you to an enchanting solitude. Shillong's climate is considered is one of the most preferred getaway destination during Monsoons.

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