Hot Hrithik's Hunky Looks

  • Hot Hrithik's Hunky Looks

    Hot Hrithik's Hunky Looks

    Hrithik is cool, Hrithik is hawt! Hrithik makes the girls go starry eyed and he makes then swoon.

    And one thing is for sure, we never get to see the same Hrithik in two movies. He loves to experiments with different styles and will adopt a special look for every movie.

    Why don't you decide which look YOU dig the most?

  • Kaho Na Pyaar Hai

    Kaho Na Pyaar Hai

    This was Hrithik's first movie and in his debut performance itself, he got catapulted into being the nation's sweetheart. In fact, a superstar was born.

    Even in his first film, Hrithik experimented with two looks. In the first half, he was a college boy, not too well off, dressed as most Indian urban boys are! In the second, he's the dude from USA, complete with the cut off sleeves and the spectacles, and of course, with the moves! Very cool, very American!

  • Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

    Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

    Hrithik's transformation from a fat kid, appropriately called Laddoo, to the cool dude who had the uber sexy Poo (Kareena) giving him the come-ons, was one of the most delightful parts of the tear jerker!

    Hrithik was youthful and cool and said that he himself chopped off all his T-shirts to get the right look for the movie.

  • Koi Mil Gaya

    Koi Mil Gaya

    He's really, utterly sweet in the film, is our Hrithik. A bit of a simpleton, he's dressed in school-boyish clothes.

    Checked shirts, sleeveless sweaters, plastered down hair and spectacles. Very ingenious and appealing. No wonder the ET found him to hang out with!

  • Lakshya


    Two looks again... the aimless boy who sleeps his life through college. Yawning and utterly laid back, until the aim of his life is revealed to him. Dressed in jeans sliding off his butt and loose Tees.

    And then, the transformation into the soldier with cutting edge determination. He's out there to get at the enemies, and the glint in his eyes and the minimalistic dressing tells that!

  • Krrish


    Is the story of the village guy, living a simple life in the Himalayas, who discovers that he has super powers and uses them to good stead.

    So, we have two distinct looks here. The clean shaven, long haired, sweet looking village dude and the superhero look, with a black leather skin fitting outfit and a leather mask!

  • Dhoom 2

    Dhoom 2

    Hrithik is the suave bad guy here, the smooth chor who will get away with the most incredible thefts and a big reason for that is that he is a master of disguise.

    You see two different looks that Hrithik supports in the film the long haired pirate, complete with an earring and the Italian lover look, bare chested and passionate.

  • Jodhaa  Akbar

    Jodhaa Akbar

    Who else but Hrithik could have made a better Akbar? Utterly handsome in his kingly attire of churidaar and long, ornate achkans with loads of heavy jewellery.

    He transforms himself completely when he dons the armour of a warrior! Quite makes the women exclaim, Maula, mere maula!

  • Kites


    It's the long haired lover look that Hrithik sports in the movie. With his rippling muscles and extremely fit body, in fitted jeans and shirts, he's looking good enough for all the Barbra Moris in the world to fall for! A little stubble on his chin does not hurt his looks at all!

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