'Cheeky' Nicki: ANACONDA!

  • 'Cheeky' Nicki: ANACONDA!

    'Cheeky' Nicki: ANACONDA!

  • Snaky Lady

    Snaky Lady

    Recently, we all saw Nicki Minaj's butt as she promoted her upcoming single, 'Anaconda.'

  • The Cover!

    The Cover!

    The Anaconda cover reveals Nicky's quite substantial butt.

  • Website Recations

    Website Recations

    Various websites struggled to grapple with Minaj's so-called 'Ass-tastic' cover

  • Too Racy?

    Too Racy?

    Was it 'too racy for it's own good?' Or 'too scandalous for Instagram?'

  • Upping The Charts

    Upping The Charts

    Nicki Minaj, in the meanwhile, snakes up the charts with her racy 'Anaconda' Cover

  • Ascending!


    Nicki Minaj is on the ascend path after debuting the provocative art for her new single, 'Anaconda,' on Instagram, where she has more than 6.7 million followers.

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