Where's Giselle headed?

  • Where's Giselle headed?

    Where's Giselle headed?

  • Golden


    They say silence is golden and supermodels Gisele Bundchen certainly believe it!

  • Shhhh...


    The gorgeous lady has undertaken three days of meditative silence while on vacation in Costa Rica.

  • Two Silent Ones

    Two Silent Ones

    The Brazilian supermodel is currently on vacation with model Kiara Kabukuru and the two of them are trying to find their inner Zen.

  • Giselle Twitters

    Giselle Twitters

    Giselle posted a photo of her and Kirara posing with their hands together in prayer via her Instagram account.

  • 'Write' Way

    'Write' Way

    Gisele wrote on Twitter: ''Here we go... 3 days in silence. #goinginward

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