Super Sensual August Covers (Global)

  • Super Sensual August Covers (Global)

    Super Sensual August Covers (Global)

    After soaring the mercury with part one of Indian magazine covers here we bring for you a glimpse of scorching hot global magazine covers.

    Have a look.

  • Anna Ewer - Vogue (France)

    Anna Ewer - Vogue (France)

    Probably after seeing this stunning supermodel in the red bikini top, no one can question her being in the list of top 50 models of the world.

  • Bar Refali - Elle (Greece)

    Bar Refali - Elle (Greece)

    So what if one of her recent tweets fetched her the ire of masses, still Bar is one of the most adored sweetheart for many of her die hard admirers.

  • Bianca Balti - GQ (Russia)

    Bianca Balti - GQ (Russia)

    After scorching the cover of Playboy's July-August edition while being topless, this time Bianca has opted for GQ magazine's Russia edition where she is sizzling in a black lingerie.

  • Cameron Diaz - Esquire (US)

    Cameron Diaz - Esquire (US)

    Although Cameron once stated the she want to age gracefully, but after seeing her recent posing stint for Esquire one can conveniently say that the kind of oomph she own, still makes her one of the most stunning beauties of West.

  • Irina Shayk - Maxim (US)

    Irina Shayk - Maxim (US)

    Be it her affair with Cristiano Ronaldo or her recent topless stint for Maxim everything pertaining to this super hot sex goddess is bound to hit the headlines.

  • Jessica Alba - GQ (Turkey)

    Jessica Alba - GQ (Turkey)

    Though there are numerous hotties in western showbiz who have those drool worthy curves and undoubtedly Jessica is the forerunner of that league. And on top of it she knows how and where to flaunt those jaw dropping curves. Right guys?

  • Sandra Echeverria - GQ (Mexico)

    Sandra Echeverria - GQ (Mexico)

    When it's about hotness and sensuality, then how can one forget Mexican beauty Sandra Echeverria who has gone bold for GQ magazine's Mexican edition.

  • Zoe Saldon - (Fashion)

    Zoe Saldon - (Fashion)

    Zoe is one such ebony dame of west who has often proved her mettle in every arena, and when it comes to flaunting her prurience then Zoe very well knows the art of doing that in style.

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