Celebrities Kicked Out of Bigg Boss House!

  • Celebrities Kicked Out of Bigg Boss House!

    Celebrities Kicked Out of Bigg Boss House!

    India's most controversial reality show, brings in a hand full of strangers and lock them in a glass house! Ostensibly, few people play a smart game, where as others are fallen prey to their anger and get kicked out of the houses! Find out a list of contestants who were kicked out of Bigg Boss house.

  • Devender (Bunty)

    Devender (Bunty)

    Aka superchor was thrown of of Bigg Boss 4 for his compulsive and audacious thefts, kept flouting all the rules of the show. He covered the cameras with his socks also kept using abusive language for Bigg Boss, he also slept the entire day and damaged the microphones.

  • Rahul Mahajan

    Rahul Mahajan

    Rahul Manjan was much of a 'Kanahiya' in the Bigg Boss season 2. His romance with Monica Bedi and Payal Rohtagi did keep audiences glued to the show. The gang of boys - Rahul Mahajan, Raja Chaudhary, Zulfi Syed and Ashutosh broke out of BB house for fun, which lead to adverse effect, though, all the three boys apologized for the act, Rahul stayed adamant and was asked to leave the show.

  • KRK (Kamaal Rahim Khan)

    KRK (Kamaal Rahim Khan)

    KRK known for his loud behavior could not survive for long in the glass house. He was kicked out of the Bigg Boss House for physical violence. He was apparently kicked out of the BB house for firstly verbal abuse with Rohit Verma and then throwing a bottle at him which accidentally hit Shamita Shetty. He was kicked out of the house the very same night!!

  • Pooja Mishra

    Pooja Mishra

    The 'spare me' babe was very well known for her tantrums and randomly picking up fights with all the co-contestants in the house during season 5. At the time of her captaincy she picked up a fight with co-contestant Siddharth Bhardwaj, which further lead to physical violence. Sid later, pressurized Bigg Boss to evict her from the show!

  • Imam Siddique

    Imam Siddique

    The most quirky, wacky and controversial celeb of Bigg Boss show, was shown the doors when he shocked inmates with is inappropriate behavior. He had locked Aashka and Niruha in a room and he broke the earthen utensils, he yelled and stripped in front of the camera. The production team tried to convince Imam but later seeing no positive response the makers had to ask him to leave, however, he returned after few days.

  • Kushal Tandon

    Kushal Tandon

    Kushal Tandon who had apparently become the heartthrob of the nation with his blunt and flamboyant conduct in the house. He was yet again asked to leave the house for physical violence used against Tanisha and Vj Andy. But, he returned after few days. Kushal gained a lot of popularity during the show and he became one of the most tweeted about celeb on twitter.

  • Puneet Issar

    Puneet Issar

    Season 8 contestant Puneet who always chanted against physical violence, fell prey to his anger when during a task he used his physical strength to strangle and pulled his co-contestant down, at the time of luxury budget task. Aarya Babbar being the victim demanded Puneet's eviction. Bigg boss asked Puneet to leave the house the same night but he returned after 2 days.


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